The Big Rigs Podcast Season Three
The Big Rigs Podcast Season Three

What was truckie thinking when a 12kg rock hurtled at him?

TRUCKIE Andrew Martin was stunned when a 12kg rock smashed into his windscreen after being thrown off a bridge. 

The incident made national headlines this week and highlighted the danger of such behaviours. 

Big Rigs spoke to Andrew for this week's Big Rigs Podcast and he told us what was going through his head when he saw the rock hurtling towards him. 

This week, editor James Graham also spoke to Paul Simionato, the NHVR's south Australian based operatons manager, about a fresh approach to on-road enforcement. 

And we can't forget about our host Kermie, who headed to the recent Castlemaine Truck Show and had a chat to a couple of truckie types. 

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