What are the best diesel prices you’ve seen around the country?
What are the best diesel prices you’ve seen around the country?

What are you paying for diesel right now?

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the Australian economy and every motorist in regional Australia deserves price relief during the pandemic.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Regional Development Michael McCormack welcomed the strong rhetoric of Chairman Rod Simms and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in tackling this issue.

“With world oil prices plummeting to just over $20 per barrel, regional, rural and remote Australians must receive the benefits of lower prices at the bowser,” Mr McCormack said.

“I am pleased the ACCC has said fuel prices above 130 cents per litre are inappropriate and they are closely monitoring the situation.

“The Federal Government will continue to watch the actions of fuel retailers in regional areas very closely and we encourage the community to name and shame retailers doing the wrong thing.

“Too often, regional motorists bear the brunt of higher fuel prices and I’m making it clear the Government expects retailers to make things right and pass savings on immediately.”

The Federal Government will ensure the ACCC continues to apply pressure to retailers to adjust prices at the bowser in line with movements in international oil prices.

Local competition is important, especially in regional areas, with the action of one retailer often leading to others following.

The Government is calling on all retailers to step up, be industry leaders and play their part in making sure regional Australia gets to the other side of the pandemic.

Motorists should follow pricing apps and take advice from motoring bodies including the RACQ and NRMA for advice on when and where to fill up most cheaply.


  • 113.9c per litre (Riverwood NSW – 26km from Sydney CBD)
  • 139.9c per litre (Mackay QLD – 631km from Brisbane CBD)
  • 146.9c per litre (Narromine NSW – 433km from Sydney CBD)