John Kemp
John Kemp

We caught up with ‘The Guru’

WELL John Kemp from the Blundstone Arena has been one fantastic friend and supporter of Big Rigs ever since we first met him, in company with Leigh Madew, commonly known as “The Guru”, close on 16 years ago.

So it was really good to catch up with him for the very last edition.

He was driving a Cool-Trans 2005 K-104 with a 15 litre Cat upfront at the time, and was towing a B-double from Launceston to Hobart and then return and knock off for the day.

“It’s good to be back home now days and I’m happy to be busy, and happy also with the truck and the job, pretty well everything just now!” he said.

“I’ve been talking with some of the blokes, and we will all miss “Big Rigs”, it has helped keep up with blokes that have moved over to the big Island and what they are doing for those of us without Facebook etc., as well as general Industry news, and new products. So sad to see it go, yet another institution gone. Have to say the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t affected us a lot, but I am hoping they will lift the restrictions on Interstate travel soon so I can go over and watch North Melbourne in the A.F.L. Grand Final! And finally, can I give Wade McHugh a message, it will be good to see him qualify for the Tour de France, but please get a new seat for the bicycle mate!”