Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith Jon Wallis

Wayne loves the Tasmanian sea change

IT WAS good to catch up with Wayne Smith from Launceston at Kempton when he rolled in driving a Polytec 2014 UD "Condor” PK 17 280 rigid tautliner.

He was on his return leg to Prospect in Launceston from Hobart at the time and found time for a few words with us.

"Well, I am actually a butcher by trade,” he said, "but in 1991 I got an opportunity to take up driving full time, and I started driving tankers for Ampol, going on to drive for Billy at Lovatt Transport, in those unforgettable Kermit green trucks.”

"Well after driving in Sydney for about 30 years, my wife Lisa and I decided to take the seachange and move to Tasmania with its quieter lifestyle and more temperate climate, so we sourced a bit of land and built a house to our requirements and shortly after that I found this job with Polytec, and I feel I have fallen on my feet.

"It's a terrific outfit, and I love the job, and the truck. They run top gear, keep us busy and look after us.”

Asked about time off, Wayne grinned and answered, "Well, I am a bit of a car nut!”