John Sherriff
John Sherriff

Volvo is the way to go reckons John

CALLING in to Kempton’s Mood Food, the Bennett’s Petroleum road house, Truck stop and drive through take away multi-function establishment the other day, we caught up with John Sherriff from Devonport.

He was driving a Chas Kelly 2017 FM 450 Volvo Euro 5 and was towing a fridge pan on his return leg from Hobart back to Devonport to catch the Spirit of Tasmania for the fridge pan to catch the night’s ferry to Melbourne.

“Then in all probability I will get up and do it all again tomorrow, it’s a seven days a week job and they are certainly keeping us happily busy just now”, John said.

“I have been working for Kelly’s now for several months and I am liking it fine so far, enjoying the job and the outfit and the Volvo as well, they operate all good gear.

“I ’ve been on the road seven years or so now, and have just come back after some time working in the mines in Port Headland and Kalgoorlie, and three-and-a-half years in Bali, and I am really enjoying being back home in Tassie, with its moderate climate!”

Asked about time off, he told us that when it does happen, he likes to spend it all with the family.