Do you think there are too many unnecessary rules and regulations?
Do you think there are too many unnecessary rules and regulations? Bruce Honeywill

Truckie says it's time to fix uneccessary regulations

THE transport industry is absolutely riddled with unnecessary and unwarranted rules and regulation.

Why? In the name of safety. Thus, any person or persons can slog it out all day long in a salt mine and jump in his or her car and drive as far and as wide as they like.

But a truck driver can't.

What's to say a car drive, after slogging it out all day at work than jumps in his or her car and hits the highway.

Thus, along the way falls tired and falls asleep behind the wheel.

In result, drifts across the highway, on to an oncoming traffic possibly consists of couple of 60 tonne B-doubles and a couple of cars full of family.

What kind of mess will be resulted from it than a truck driver on the other side of the coin?

No difference. Will be pretty much the same result of fatality.

When will we ever get our priorities in order?

If authorities are serious about fatigue then:

(1) Get rid of the logbook scam. No logbook as such can control one's biological clock.

(2) For all transport companies. Across the board rates and regulations by the government along with yearly rates increase as per the CPI or three percent. Thus whichever is greater (like taxies).

Then you may find people don't have to put in ridiculous hours in trucks to meet ends.

Simba Basy