Jeff Elliot
Jeff Elliot Jon Wallis

This truckie made his reality TV debut

IT WAS great to finally catch up with the elusive Jeff Elliot from Edinburgh, now via New Norfolk, the other day when he rolled in to the Caltex Truckstop/Roadhouse at Epping Forest.

He was driving a TasTrans 2007 K-104B at the time and towing a B-double on his way from Hobart to Burnie, and then return afterwards.

"I am enjoying a bit of a spell from running interstate, here, there and everywhere, on the Big Island just now,” he said.

"I've been with TasTrans for about five-and-a-half years now, and reckon they are a good solid outfit to work for. They run good gear and look after their drivers.

"Prior to Tasmania, I spent most of my life carrying pharmaceuticals across from Europe to China, towing singles in a FH-16 Volvo Globetrotter. Now that was a good job. Certainly very interesting, and I must admit, I do miss it.

"Sadly, for many reasons, you can't do it anymore.”

Here we were talking about the amazing characters and rigs that used to criss-cross from the UK into Pakistan, China and the Middle East, and in one of those incredible coincidences it turns out that he was familiar with an old Syrian mate of mine (George) I knew from Kuwait, who did this run in an incredible custom-built Mercedes.

"I did logs between then and TasTrans, and have been on Outback Truckers as well,” he said.

"I enjoy life and have no regrets at all.”

When asked how he spent his time off, he replied: "Time off? I drive trucks! But I do enjoy air brushing and doing custom work.”