Is this a dog or a dingo near a trailer behind a roadhouse?
Is this a dog or a dingo near a trailer behind a roadhouse? SPY

They know how to cook in the NT

Attractive sales girls target truckies

REPORTS continue to come to Spy about attractive sales girls trying to sell a variety of things to truckies at roadhouse parking areas.

These girls work in pairs and target the larger roadhouses, especially at times when many trucks are there.

Spy was at one such establishment and saw two lasses asking a truckie to sign up to donate money to a conservation group.

When Spy asked if he could snap their picture with the truckie and do a story on their work, they beat a hasty retreat.

One even covered up the group name which was emblazoned on their shirts.

Spy even got a nice compliment from the thankful truckie for fronting up at the right time.

"You saved me mate as I was checking them out and probably would have made a donation,” he said.

You often see such teams of lasses trying to sell house to house in suburbs or around the CBD district of towns.

Noodles are a good easy meal for someone who doesn't have access to a kitchen.
Noodles are a good easy meal for someone who doesn't have access to a kitchen. Ashleigh Howarth

Candy cars

SEVERAL truckies from various states have told Spy of their dislike of what they described as 'Candy Cars'.

These are actually police patrol vehicles and I asked one driver for more information.

"They are marked police cars all painted pretty with lots of colours and are actually revenue raisers. They seem to target trucks,” he said.

So many drivers have dubbed them 'Candy Cars', a name that has stuck like glue.

Dog or dingo?

THERE is a dog which lives near a popular roadhouse parking area which often comes over to greet truckies.

Many of the drivers at first thought it was a dingo because the nearby area is bush.

However it is a friendly animal and whilst it does look like a dingo at first sight, it's certainly not.

Spy managed to snap a picture of the dog.

A wee problem? Perhaps

TWO truckie mates who were parked up at a rest area needed an urgent call of nature and afterwards suffered self-confessed "piddle angst”.

They wandered over to where they thought would be out of sight and relieved themselves with a wee.

They were right as well because there was indeed nobody around.

But after finishing one looked up at a small fence right above them and saw a sign "This area is under video surveillance”.

For the next weeks they were concerned that in the not too distant future they may get a letter in the mail breaching them for the act.

One was even heard to say the offence is called "indecent exposure”.

They would have been easily identifiable from their truck number plates.

However Spy can report that enough time has now passed and no fine has been forthcoming.

One did tell Spy his new motto before having a Jimmy Riddle at rest areas with no toilets: "look up before you piddle”.

Weather in Tasmania

MOTHER Nature hasn't been kind to our truckie mates down in Tasmania recently.

One driver told Spy that snow has fallen around the Central Highlands area and another said temperatures reached minus zero degrees Celsius at various places.

Several other lads said heavy rain had fallen over several weeks.

Mist on roads at places such as Deloraine and on the winding road to Sheffield made driving difficult early in the mornings.

A couple of drivers told Spy they can't wait for summer.

Trucks travelling along Tasmania's Bass Highway in heavy rain
TASSIE ROADS: Trucks travelling along Tasmania's Bass Highway in heavy rain. SPY

Rest area rage or NT cooking humour?

IT IS common knowledge that many truckies have gas burners to cook meals on while away.

They generally save money on purchasing meals at roadhouses.

Spy almost swallowed his Adam's apple when he heard about some banter between Northern Territory truckies.

They had stopped at a rest area and were both cooking a meal and one was a rather slim lad.

"I have never seen a good cook or chef who is skinny,” the other gent told him.

Not to be outdone, the reply soon came when the second fellow noticed he was heating up noodles.

"You take seven minutes to cook two minute noodles?” he said.

A witness told Spy they made several other remarks to each other... but these can't be printed in a family publication like Big Rigs.

But this was never going to be 'rest area rage' as they were mates who were just joking.

However it did make for entertainment for other rest area users.

Tough times

TIMES are tough economically for many in the industry and that would an understatement for one Brisbane-based driver.

The 57-year-old carries furniture in his trusty old Hino and until recently the business had been successful.

"I have been an owner-operator for the past 15 years and have never seen things so bad on the financial side. Work is hard to come by and I am told that is the case with a lot of small companies,” he said.

He is a bit embarrassed by his current situation and understandably doesn't want his name mentioned.

Whilst stressing he is not seeking to be a charity case, the fellow said if anybody wants furniture moved in the area he will thankfully do it.

If anybody wants his contact number they can email Big Rigs and I'll pass it on to him.

Karma strikes?

THERE is a South Australian truckie who must think that dobbing in a mate has come back to haunt him.

A few months back the lad told Spy that a colleague was suffering from an embarrassing medical condition.

He pleaded with Spy to mention it in this column and thought it was funny.

However I decided against that and almost chuckled when I received a call from the informant last week.

Alas, he had been to the doctor and was diagnosed with the same condition which is not life threatening.

"I now believe in karma,” he reluctantly admitted.

Goods being delivered to a Badu island supermarket during an island of Origin carnival
ANOTHER KIND OF ORIGIN: Goods being delivered to a Badu Island supermarket during an island of Origin carnival. SPY

Relic from a past era

ONE of Spy's best trucking contacts is always on the lookout for pictures in his travels and snapped this old vehicle from a long gone era.

He saw it about 100km south of Cobar in NSW at 4.40pm on July 15.

"Look at this old couple in this little old girl. Their aim is to prove you can do anything in anything if you take your time.”

The vehicle is all original.

Even has wooden rims with solid rubber tyres and a top speed of 60km.

They are travelling around Australia and their goal is to make it to the tip of Cape York next year,” my mate said.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like an old Model T Ford.

These were produced from 1907 to 1928.

A different origin

THE popular State of Origin rugby league series between NSW and Queensland is over for another year.

It is history that NSW won the series two games to one.

There was a different Origin rugby league competition in July on Badu Island in the Torres Strait.

Six teams battled it out, with local team Badu Island beating Goemu Bau Raiders from Mabuiag Island 26-25 in the final.

Large crowds watched the games over three days and some of the players were drivers of light trucks. Some drive for local islands councils.

Supplies mostly come by barge to these remote islands and are taken to shops by trucks.