Shannon Newton
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Shannon rates these BP roadhouses

MULTI-TALENTED Victorian truckie Shannon Newton is a DJ when he gets time off... and loves it.

The 42-year-old Shannon is based at Ballarat and drives a Kenworth 200 for Adelaide's Craig Arthur Transport.

I saw Shannon at Townsville's BP Cluden Roadhouse when he has having downtime.

"I brought up plastic from South Australia to Townsville and am waiting for news on a possible backload,” he said.

His favourite roadhouses are the BP Cluden, BP Wingfield Adelaide and the southbound at Marulan in New South Wales.

"The worst road I get along is the Western Highway in Victoria,” he said.

A truckie for the past nine years, Shannon had previously been a bus driver in Cairns.

"I barrack for the Penrith Panthers in the NRL,” he said.

The first truck he drove was an International Transtar out of Sydney.

His DJ appearances are at weddings and Christmas parties.