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Crash Zones

Senior policeman accused of setting traffic ticket quotas

POLICE have been set targets for traffic tickets and other driving offences, confidential emails tendered in an explosive court case have revealed.

The emails have been lodged in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission in a bullying case launched by stood down Gold Coast cop James Treanor, who has accused senior officers of setting quotas to sting motorists.

The emails, which reveal frontline cops were ordered to write a minimum number of tickets or face the wrath of their bosses, fly in the face of longstanding police denials that they set quotas.

Senior Const. Treanor was stood down, stripped of his gun, badge and uniform and later charged with public nuisance after an alleged altercation with the Coast's top cop, Assistant Commissioner Brian Wilkins, at a police mental health function in March.

He allegedly swore and threatened to 'blow my brains out in the carpark' after Mr Wilkins was claimed to have called him a 'smart arse'.

Sen-Const. Treanor alleges the treatment was part of a pattern of years of victimisation after he complained of misconduct by fellow officers and became a police union rep.