This truckie found romance after being in Big Rigs.
This truckie found romance after being in Big Rigs. Contributed

Romance blossoms for truckie after Big Rigs appearance

HAVING his picture published in Big Rigs paid dividends for a truckie aged in his early 50s who found romance.

Spy spoke to the owner-operator in February, who wishes to remain anonymous, and he said that he had left BP Archerfield and stopped at a shopping complex along Ipswich Rd.

"I was doing a bit of shopping and this lady came up to me and asked had I been in Big Rigs recently.

"I said yes and she told me that she had worked for a transport company and was an avid reader," he said.

The pair struck up a conversation and had coffee and he was invited back to her place.

"We ended up spending a romantic night together and she was a good looker and aged in her 40s," he said.

Our Casanova has her phone number and said they would be keeping in contact when he is in the area.

Spy reckons his noggin appearing in his favourite publication has resulted in a nice fringe benefit.