Dave Pug Stimson‎ can't go past the Old Hume Cafe at Gunning without stopping. PHOTO: Facebook
Dave Pug Stimson‎ can't go past the Old Hume Cafe at Gunning without stopping. PHOTO: Facebook

ROADHOUSE MEALS: Where do you rate good food?

IT'S PRETTY easy to keep a truckie happy.

Give them a good rig, some country tunes and a load to transport and their happy as Larry.

But there's something else that's become rather elusive these days, that when they've found it will absolutely make a truckie's day.

And that's a good, home-style cooked meal.

As well all know, many roadhouses can be a bit of a hit and miss, but thanks to a Facebook group that's gained a bit of traction lately, you can find out exactly where the good meals are.

The best and worst truckshops in Australia group is run by interstate driver Brett Seaton and truckie's wife Kim Pilgrim.

While the pair didn't start the group, they inherited it after the original group administrator stepped down for unknown reasons.

Since they've been in control, Brett said he's seen it go from strength to strength, with more than 4,700 members at the last count.

Brett said the space was somewhere truckies could share where they've had the best meals and to also let other drivers know about the ones that weren't so great.

"There's always been blokes who want healthy meals," he said. "But good quality meals at the right price seem to be of a rare nature.

"In this industry we're all very time poor so finding good meals is important."

But not everyone agrees on what's good and what's not, said Brett, who drives for Bobbin Transport in Pambula in New South Wales.

"Everyone's got an opinion and that's okay."

He said good or bad food could "make or break reputations" and that reputations went a long way.

"There's less and less decent meals available to us and if you're doing a good meal for good money, they're all going to stop there," he said.

While he doesn't eat out on the road like he used to thanks to a gastric band surgery a year ago, Brett rated Shell at Gilgandra and BP Grafton as his favourite.

"They're a bit pricey but I've never had a bad feed there. They do good sit down, home cooked meals," he said.

If you want to join the group, search for "The best and worst truckstops in Australia" on Facebook.