'Other motorists do some silly things'

JEFF Robinson drives a DAF CF for Hastings Co-Op Bulk Fuel Distribution and has been a truckie for four decades.

He was delivering fuel on the Newcastle to Wauchope run when I saw him at a rest area in early January.

The first truck Jeff drove was a 1981 International Acco.

He rates the worst road as between Wauchope, where he is based, and Walcha.

Jeff said it can be very dangerous driving New South Wales roads.

"You have to drive for everyone else as other motorists do some silly things,” he said.

Jeff said more rest areas that were truckie friendly were needed.

Outside work, Jeff is into motorbikes in a big way and that was evident when I asked him his resolution for 2019.

"Be safe and keep riding motorbikes,” he said.

He has a Triumph Bonneville 1200, a 1981 Honda Bolderdoor and a Honda 125, which he rides to and from work.