All accreditation transactions available through the NHVR Portal
All accreditation transactions available through the NHVR Portal

NHVR Portal changes are here

NHVAS customers have been utilising the benefits of the NHVR Portal since November last year and most have now made the transition to the digital platform.

NHVR safety standards and assurance manager (accreditation) Darrin Rasmussen said there were significant benefits to submitting of applications through the NHVR Portal, including reducing data re-entry and providing greater customer visibility of accreditation modules and case tracking activities.

He said the NHVR Portal provided operators with the ability to manage all their NHVAS records, including submitting an application, managing account information, reviewing application status, reviewing driver and vehicle lists and tracking audit associated responsibilities.

From Wednesday, July 1, 2020, all NHVAS applications and transaction will be required to be lodged via the NHVR Portal, rather than by email.

If you are an existing NHVR Portal user or have an Access, Registration or Vehicle Standards account, the NHVR Portal administrators on the account have not changed.

Any additional Accreditation contacts can be added to the account with “user submitter” permissions.

If you need any assistance in getting setting up your account or transitioning to the NHVR Portal, visit the NHVR Portal Help Centre – Getting started using Accreditation or contact our Call Centre on 1300 696 487.