Never regretted being a truckie, ‘not even for a moment’

PASSING through Kempton the other day, we dropped in to the Caltex Mood Food road house and truck stop for a great cuppa and a bite to eat.

We caught up with our old and valued mate Garry Fellows from Launceston, when he wheeled in driving a Toll’s 2019 Mack Granite with a 435 MP8 upfront, and towing an 8-car carrier.

He was on his return leg from Devonport to Hobart and was on his way to Launceston then home at the time and told us he has now been driving car carriers for Toll for 13 years.

In fact, I think we probably met him on the wharf at Burnie on one of his first trips in a Toll car-carrier, when we were doing Pilotage for Ken Johnson, who has sadly since retired with health issues, and who did outsize specialised boat transport.

He tells us he has been on the road for 27 years all up now, and he really enjoys towing cars around, and reckons it’s a top job with a good crowd and workmates, and he has never regretted taking professional driving up as a career, “not even for a moment.”

Asked about how he spent his time off, he replied, with a grin, “getting as much rest as possible!”