Matthew Daley
Matthew Daley Jon Wallis

Matthew truck is named after his boss' grandson

"THE outfit have started naming the trucks after family members, and you will see that this one is 'Harry' after one of the grandchildren.”

Matthew Daley had just rolled in driving an eye-catching Spectran Group's 2019 GW26460 UD Quon with only 30,000km on the clock. He was towing a load including construction materials and a site hut for the new wind farm up to Waddamana in the Highlands from Hobart.

He told us he would be taking much the same load up again in a few days' time, via Launceston and Burnie.

Matthew added that there is a lot of fire damage up that way including power lines and pylons down, and that the fire is still smouldering away in inaccessible terrain, as he had also observed with the big fire up in the Derwent Valley.

He told us he couldn't be happier, both with the company, which is in expansion mode, or with the truck, which he was most impressed with.

"I've been here about seven months just now and am loving it.

"We work statewide and there's heaps of variety and no complaints at all. I guess I've been about six years on the road all up now, and have no real regrets!”