Matt Shaw
Matt Shaw

Matt says things will pick up as restrictions relax

IT WAS fortunate to catch up with Matt Shaw from Launceston at Mood Food, the 24-hour Caltex truck stop at Kempton, the other day as we amassed our final copy for Big Rigs.

He was driving a 2019 Hagen Oil LF rigid tanker at the time, and was on his way back to Launceston having come down the East Coast and to Hobart via Copping.

“Even with the restrictions for COVID-19 I was still surprised to notice how many grey nomads there were out in their caravans and mobile homes on the roads on the east coast moving in both directions already,” he said.

“It hasn’t affected us greatly, though we haven’t been nearly as busy, and yes, we are feeling the pinch a bit, but I think that as they relax the restrictions, things will probably start picking up again now.

“Have been spending a lot of time home lately and hope to be getting up to the shack a bit now.

“It is sad losing Big Rigs, we will all miss it, and hope all the crew there will find other jobs and wish you all good luck for the future!”