Marty Booth
Marty Booth

Marty still keeping busy during pandemic

It is always a pleasure to run into our old mate, the hardworking and professional owner driver Marty Booth from Gretna, and so it was the other day when he wheeled in to “Mood Food”, the 24 hour Caltex Roadhouse at Kempton for a quick bite to eat and a hot cuppa.

He was driving his always eye catching “Tasmanian Transport” maple red 2007 Kenworth SAR II with an ever-reliable C-15 500 Cat up front and he was towing a bitumen tanker his way from Self Point to Mowbray, and then he would return home and knock off for the day. Marty has been in business as an owner driver now for 21 years or so, and whilst he admits that things are overall “a bit on the tight side” at the moment, he has none the less kept the wheels turning, and says the pandemic only saw minimal losses, thus he has been able to keep busy and the bills paid.

“I would like to put in a word for all those small businesses that have kept open and kept good tucker and hot coffee on the go during this period, especially Janet and her crew at the Half Way Deli at Campbelltown, and the crowd here at “Mood Food”, they have made life so much more endurable up and down the Highway.

Also I find it hard to believe that “Big Rigs” is finishing up, it’s been an institution for so long, and everyone reads it, and it will leave an enormous hole in the industry.

The general consensus out there is that someone will have to take it over and keep it going. Finally, I have never regretted going on the road, ‘Living the Dream’, as they say,” but he added: “And I’m always glad to get home to Kylie’s cooking. Apart from that maintenance and keeping the books up to date takes up most of my “time off”.