Les rates the BP Miles Roadhouse as the best

YOU could be excused for thinking that truckie Les Masterman has discovered the elusive fountain of youth.

Because the 60-year-old who drives a Volvo Globetrotter MH13 looks much younger.

Les was at the hook up area beside Townsville’s Port Access Road when Big Rigs saw him about 11am on June 5.

“I have a load of pipes to take to a property at Jericho in Central Queensland,” he said.

Based at Toowoomba, Les works Neal Brothers Transport which has it depot along Shaw Road at the Bohle suburb in Townsville.

“I have been a truckie since 1990 and with this company for six years. It’s a good job and I love it,” he said.

On his travels Les enjoys stopping at the BP Miles Roadhouse and nominated the good food as a major reason.

“The curry served up there is delicious,” he said.

However Les doesn’t like travelling on the road between Injune and Rolleston which he said is rough in parts.

Fishing on Fraser Island is a passion of Les when he gets time off. “I caught some whiting there which is a nice fish to eat,” he said.