FRESH: Ivan Vodanovich and son Ivan.
FRESH: Ivan Vodanovich and son Ivan. James Graham

Ivan puts polish on Diamond Reo

THE rebirth of the iconic Diamond Reo brand in Australia is complete.

That was the message from tireless Daysworth founder and chief Ivan Vodanovich who took time out from working the floor to chat to Big Rigs about the resurrection.

"With Diamond Reo's return we're bringing the old tradition with it; good performance, reliability and durability, supported with quality and all-time quality service,” Mr Vodanovich said.

"I think that is most important because we have been working on this for a long time and we did not want to go into market too early.

"We could have done and sold lots of trucks and made money.

"But we weren't ready until we had the infrastructure in place; technical, service support, and parts support.

"Now we have specialists in each field, and specialists in our own manufacturing facilities in Melbourne, we have a dealership that we're establishing.

"We have dealer agents, product ambassadors and dealers... from now on we are ready to go to the market.”

Ivan said there was thrilled with the feedback and interest in the trucks on display in Brisbane, which included the flagship DR-T7, 540hp 6x4 prime mover.

"People who invest will realise that they choose something that is built

well, and that we care,” Ivan said.

"When you buy our product you become partners.

"We do not walk away from you, we are there for you 24/7.”