Sally Tipping with the TruckSafe award from earlier this year.
Sally Tipping with the TruckSafe award from earlier this year.

Is it time to soften our transport image?

IS IT time to soften our transport image?

I have noticed more recently large corporations, including Westpac and NRMA, are endeavouring tosoften their corporate image by investing in advertising with feel good campaigns.

Westpac's "Baker from Beirut” campaign is a prime example of how telling a heart-warming story can lift public perception of a company.

It does not involve any corporate images, it does not show any shock and awe of consequences, instead delivering an emotional story that softens the pure essence of Westpac.

A job well done.

Maybe we should be taking note of the lead these multi-national companies are taking to make their businesses more likeable.

They have obviously analysed their future direction and felt the need to soften their image and therefore influencing new customers.

I would hate to even consider the cost of research that goes into these campaigns.

Maybe we can learn from their research and look into our own industry and ask: how can we soften our image? How can we campaign the transport industry with a feel-good approach?

Another truck begins the long journey North on Western Australia's Great Northern Highway.
LEARN FROM THESE CAMPAIGNS: Sally Tipping thinks transport could learn a thing or two from others investing in feel-good campaigns. Kirstin Payne

We have always strived to campaign about our regulations and safety, thinking this is what the public wants to hear, raising a positive public perception.

Regulatory bodies have always made an affirmative, outstanding impact on our professional industry.

The latest campaign "Be Truck Aware” is a great visual guide to understand the blind spots that drivers face every day, however it also emphasises, on a subliminal level, the dangerous nature of our industry, reinforcing the negative perception of the transport industry.

However now might be the right time to look at redirecting future campaigns to feature feel good stories, showing the transport industry in a positive, awe-inspiring light allowing an insight into the very core of our industry, an industry that is amazing.

There would be countless positives stories that could be told (truckies certainly don't mind a yarn or two).

Truckies are the unsung heroes of our highways, they are usually the first at a scene of an accident, the first to liaise with emergency response crews, the first to help a fellow motorist and the list goes on.

It might be time to tell our story and for the transport industry to shine.

Raising positive public perception to the transport industry will lead to recruiting a strong robust workforce.

Future drivers will be encouraged to join our vibrant industry.