A truckie's thoughts on the state of the industry.
A truckie's thoughts on the state of the industry. Kirstin Payne

Government role in driver shortage

I JUST wanted to get something off my chest: when are these clowns from WHS going to realise that you can't keep taking the blame off individuals for their actions, putting it on the companies.

I refer to your article over the NT death of a driver.

Our government agencies have played a major role in the reason why we have a shortage of drivers, with over-regulation, pathetic rules and ridiculous fines for things that do not relate to road safety.

Who would want to come into the industry?

These agencies that say they are in this for safety, no one believes this because once you mention safety it costs big money.

We seem to have a mindset in our country that it doesn't matter if you stuff up, it will be someone else's fault.

These fines that WHS places on companies are just to give themselves a pat on the back.

Years gone by you had to work your way up to get to drive the so-called big bangers - you start in the yard, do local deliveries etc until you gained a bit of experience.

But now the way that the government agencies have this great idea that you can pay to get your ticket to drive a B-double with minimum experience but you went to driving school so you can go straight to work and these people that thought of this brainwave idea stand around and wonder why we are having problems.

Our country has gone mad on passing the buck and they say it is in the name of safety.

The bottom line is it keeps some overeducated clown in a job that costs companies an absolute fortune.