FAREWELL BIG RIGS: The tributes poured in from our many advertisers, like Straight Wheels Truck Alignment in Rocklea, Qld.
FAREWELL BIG RIGS: The tributes poured in from our many advertisers, like Straight Wheels Truck Alignment in Rocklea, Qld.

Farewell messages: Final notes of support from our loyal advertisers

Well, we were saddened to hear that the Big Rigs newspaper would be coming to an end after seeing it on the shelf and at truckstops all over the place for so many years and also in the trucks that came into us for work. It certainly won’t be the same without it around.

We have advertised with Big Rigs for 15 years now and it has generated a good client base for us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank big rigs for helping us build our business through advertisements and also business profiles and a huge thanks to Marie O’Reilly for her help over the years.

Good Luck to all the Big Rigs team in the future from our team to yours.

Peter Mathers

Straight Wheels

It was 2006 and I have just started a new business to run alongside our very successful radiator business and help us to break into the on highway truck market.

It was a chance phone call from Marie, to see if I was interested in advertising in the paper. We needed a medium to promote our new business.

We have never advertised the business anywhere else and the business became one of our great success stories. The success of this advertising prompted us to advertise our other businesses in the paper.

Over the years we became extremely close to Peter Marie, Stacy and a few others who worked for the paper over the time. We had some great times and different shows around the country. Some of our stories will go into Big Rigs folk law.

All of us here at the Motoradco group will be very sad to see this wonderful publication go. In closing we wish all the staff the best and hope to meet them around the traps again.

Paul Stirton


Marie and the team at Big Rigs have helped us build an Idea into a business.

When we needed to get the ball rolling Big Rigs got that happening for us and for over two decades now Big Rigs has been, and continues to, be the biggest lead generator for our business in the heavy vehicle industry.

In the good times and the bad they have supported our small business and offered packages and solutions to suit our needs and constraints.

The team know their stuff and we will definitely miss their expert help and advice.

You are an important extension of our business.

The various industry and promotional days have been great to interact with the team and meet many others from our industry.

The work you do and the voice you provide for the Industry will be sorely missed.

We mean every word Marie and we will miss you all.

Cindy Gorton

Office Manager

Eadie’s Mechanical

We have been advertising with Big Rigs since 2001 when we first started Queensland Fuel Tanks and Accessories Pty Ltd, and was going to have our first stand at the Brisbane Truck and Machinery Show held back then at the Brisbane Show Grounds.

Marie has always been a great help and she looked after us so well.

Big Rigs also helped us with our website www.queenslandfueltanks.com, I was always happy with the work that they did with our webpage.

Now we are starting a new chapter with our business and Big Rigs is closing theirs. We are now selling Durabar Bullbars, we are very proud of our new lines as they are stylish and heavy duty, we are glad that Big Rigs is the company that will help launch this new part of our business beginning with our last advertisement with Big Rigs.

We wish the staff and management all the best with their future endeavours.



Queensland Fuel Tanks

Marie O’Reilly stops by one of her favourite exhibits at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show. The popular Big Rigs sales consultant was overwhelmed by the messages of support.
Marie O’Reilly stops by one of her favourite exhibits at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show. The popular Big Rigs sales consultant was overwhelmed by the messages of support.

AUSblue recently celebrated 10 years of manufacturing and distributing VDA licensed AdBlue for the Australian market.

Our success has been the result of the many people who have supported us to get to where we are today.

Throughout the years, Big Rigs has been the publication of choice for our marketing needs to reach our prospective transport audience.

Marie and the Big Rigs team have provided amazing support, contributing to our growth and practically an extension of our marketing team.

We appreciate the many years of great work to produce the magazine.

I am certain that I am not alone in saying that your publication and the team will be sadly missed.

From the whole team at AUSblue, a big thank you and goodbye Big Rigs!


Big Rigs has been a great publication for the transport industry and fleet operators for more than 25 years.

When it comes to print media there are loads of publications and magazines, however, Big Rigs have enabled us to share our story with customers, engage with the industry’s partners and connect with the wider transport community.

Over the past 10 years, Big Rigs have not only done a great job in advertising our

products but also communicating relevant news and updates.

Having a trusted voice and partner within the transport industry was of great value to our business.

It’s been a pleasure to work with the Big Rigs team.

The Airtec team wishes you all the best of luck in the next chapter of your career.

Airtec Corporation

For just shy of 30 years, Big Rigs Newspaper have provided the glue to connect all whom work within the transport industry.

Big Rigs has been the most read and recognised transport publication in Australia for a very long time and has always offered the readers a mix of content from classifieds adds, to humour and funny stories from the road, through to the much relied upon factual and up to date industry information.

Congratulations and thankyou to all the dedicated staff of Big Rigs Newspaper, you can hold your heads high, knowing you have had a very positive impact on very tough and difficult industry.

You’ll be sadly missed

Kind regards

Mark Brown

TBI Insurance

I was very saddened to hear that Big Rigs will no longer be edited, printed and circulated as at the end of June 2020.

As the readers and contributors of Big Rigs, it has been a vital knowledge repository regarding business, logistics and legal issues facing owner drivers and transport companies Australia wide.

Connect Legal has been a fervent supporter of Big Rigs for over 10 plus years and your support through these times has greatly helped our owner driver and transport clients better safeguard their contractual and industrial rights.

We wish all the staff of Big Rigs the best for the future.

Best Regards,

Jake (Hagop) Boghossian (BEC. LLB, MBA)

Principal Solicitor

Connect Legal

Wickham Freight Lines would like to thank the Big Rigs team for their many years of support to our business and community.

Wickham Freight Lines has been a long-time supporter of the Big Rigs publication for many years, as it has grown and prospered to be the trusted voice of the transport industry, which many of us have appreciated.

During its time, Big Rigs have created a sense of community, a place for those to sell and purchase equipment, advertise industry services, present key issues and provided a voice for those in the transport industry all around the country.

We appreciated and will miss the frequent driver segments which showcased those hard-working individuals keeping the country moving.

It is very unfortunate to see Big Rigs “end of an era” edition after so many years of being collaborative with Wickham Freight Lines and our journey.

We will miss the people involved working tirelessly to make a publication that benefits the industry and more importantly, the people within it.

F rom our entire team at Wickham Freight Lines

Our entire business owes Big Rigs a huge vote of thanks.

They have been a shining light in the transport industry, providing great information throughout the years.

Big Rigs loss will leave a huge hole in our industry.

Information availability benefits everyone.

You will be sadly missed.

As a long-term advertiser, and submitter of numerous articles, I feel for all their great employees, editors, and advertising people.

I hope you all find great jobs and can continue in the transport industry.

I will miss you all.

Cheers and best wishes from all the staff of AIR CTI.

Daryl Dickenson Transport is disappointed that we will no longer be receiving our fortnightly Big Rigs.

It was a paper that everyone looked forward to reading in our company.

Big Rigs was informative and kept us up to date with all that was happening in the industry.

Daryl Dickenson Transport would like to take this chance to thank all the team at Big Rigs for all there help throughout the years and we wish all the team the best for their future endeavours.

It will be a sad day when we receive the final edition of Big Rigs.

Is this progress?


Tracie Dickenson

Daryl Dickenson Transport

The National Road Freighters Association Inc. on behalf of our Members and Friends would like to congratulate the Staff at Big Rigs for their support of the transport industry.

Over the last 10 years the NFRA has been proudly connected with Big Rigs.

They have helped to promote our functions and always been very supportive of our associations news and views that we wish to share with the greater trucking community.

There will have been numerous nights at truck stops all over our nation, when Big Rigs has been a part of drivers discussing, debating and laughing about our industry.

Our members and friends will miss Big Rigs and the News it has broadcast to the trucking industry and community.

The staff at Big Rigs have always been highly professional, friendly and helpful.

We will miss you.

National Road Freighters Association Inc

We were shocked to hear this would be the last ever issue of Big Rigs.

Building brand awareness with drivers is just as important as talking to large supply chains and Big Rigs has helped Hexchex do just that during the initial years of our business.

It’s a top notch publication that we are proud to be a part of, providing great exposure for our products. Marie and team will be sadly missed and we wish them all the best for the future.

The cancellation of newspapers seems to be a growing phenomena.

It may seem the logical progression is to go digital but this assumes there’s always internet access out on the road.

Instead of simply grabbing a paper at a Truck Stop, advertisers must now compete for their readers attention on a single device in a vastly more convoluted and distracting online space with the likes of Facebook and other tempting or “more rewarding” online activities.

We already stare at screens too much and don’t need any more reasons to be glued to our devices.

A good industry focused newspaper actually provides much needed relief from the endless technological bombardment… on the plus side, you can now remove our Hexchex ads with an ad blocker!


Big Rigs has been a huge part of the Transport Industry in Australia for many years. Seeing Machines is proud to have worked with Big Rigs team to enhance safety through promotion of our technology. #Guardian protects over 20,000 vehicles worldwide as it responds, in real-time, to the risks associated with fatigued and distracted driving. Keeping drivers safe is our mission and the Transport Industry has shown how critical it is to Australians all the time, but especially in times of crisis. To all the staff at Big Rigs, we wish you the best for your future and hope to cross paths with you in the very near future. #roadsafety #bigrigs #seeingmachines.

Seeing Machines