Sally spoke up about her story.
Sally spoke up about her story.

Everyone has a role to play in transport

WHEN owner-operator Sally Tipping shared her story highlighting the fact women in the industry faced a very obvious gender inequality issue, the Big Rigs community applauded her for speaking out.

Truckie Amber Wright said everyone had a role to play.

"As a lady we have to work harder and smarter to get the same respect, which is just how it is, but if you're prepared, get in and get it done. Don't let your crown slip on the way, be kind, supportive and lead by example and you'll change opinions in a profound way," she said.

Mark Brown said he had many transport clients that could say "without hesitation" that women were the backbone of most transport operations and had been for a long time.

"Now that women are moving into being the face of operations, it is drawing unwanted and unwarranted attention," he said. "Keep going girls, we need you!"

Lawrence Knight wrote on Facebook that he "would not hesitate" to hire a woman but Ian Borlase acknowledged the fact that it wasn't just women who struggled with industry acceptance - all young operators did.

"Most companies will try and avoid employing young operators citing insurance issues, inexperience and suchlike," he said. "Girls don't have a monopoly when it comes to discrimination within the transport industry."