Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson Jonathan Wallis

Dave keeps busy with Toll

"BY GEE it has been a bit nippy out there today, especially earlier.”

Dave Robinson from Launceston told us when we caught up with him as he dropped in at Kempton's Mood Food Caltex Truckstop.

He was driving a Toll Tasmania 2012 K-200 with a 600 Signature Cummins up front, and towing a B-double, and he was making his return trip to Launceston with a load of timber for Neville Smith from Southwood out the back of Geeveston down the currently snowy Huon.

"I'm looking forward to knocking off and getting home and warm today,” he said.

"I've been with Toll for 23 years now, and I'd have to say they are a good outfit and look after us, and run really good gear, and importantly now days, giving us regular work and keeping us busy.

"I've been on the road now for about 37 years all up, and really have no regrets. So it's all good, though I'd have to admit it was a bit muddy with snow around the Geeveston area, but that's better than the bushfires last summer, so we can't complain I guess.”

We asked about his time off, and he answered, in order of preference: "Getting warm, then motorcycles, old and new!”