IN THE BAG: Gemma and Simon Sutherland on the NXT Journey stand at the truck show.
IN THE BAG: Gemma and Simon Sutherland on the NXT Journey stand at the truck show.

Couple bags a trucking win

THE Truckie Bag line of workbags for transport operators by NXT Journey has been a success story since their launch in 2015, with the range a consistent seller in Australia and now overseas.

Simon Sutherland, who hails from a transport family at Cootamundra in southern NSW, has overseen the development of the range since its inception, and was on hand to showcase the range to showgoers in Brisbane.

"Our bags are designed by people in the industry and we want to make a bag so that when they get handed out to a driver or a corporate client they have that 'wow' factor - it's a quality product and they can see there has been a lot of thought put into the design,” Simon said.

The range includes the full-size Truckie Bag for linehaul operators and also the more compact Day Tripper suited to day-shift drivers.

"The Linehaul duffle bag has been evolving fairly consistently and we have also introduced our 'Day Tripper' bag which includes a cooler compartment lined to double as a lunch bag-drivers are doing different jobs so we have tried to accommodate these in our range,” he said.

Truckie Bags are available through Truckline and PACCAR Parts in Australia and the bags have also been sent to customers in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States with Clearline Transportation in Utah ordering 130 branded bags for their drivers.

"We are a small fish in a big pond overseas but we sell a lot of bags online into the UK and we have launched on and looking at Amazon-UK later in the year,” Simon said.

"The bags have also proved to be a good option for corporate clients. We have some really good clients including Truck Assist, Linfox and Kenworth but we also like focusing on the smaller operators.

"We can put a company logo on the bag and the drivers know that they are getting something that someone has put a lot of thought into and something that is practical too.”

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