Calls to protect food delivery drivers from coronavirus

QUEENSLAND Trucking Association boss Gary Mahon has shared some tips for delivery drivers after reports emerged of drivers delivering to addresses where the person has self-quarantined in the home and then ordered online groceries.

"Drivers are attending without being aware there is a self-quarantine in place, only to find the person making the declaration as they are about to enter," Mr Mahon said.

"Quite appropriately drivers moved away and called their supervisor for assistance."

Mr Mahon said when large retailers were contacted about this risk, they said it was a transport issue and "would do nothing".

He said operators had strongly suggested retailers contact their customers again, requesting their online ordering system can be updated to allow people to declare the self-quarantine so that deliveries could be made with the drivers applying some basic protective measures.

"The response from retailers has been to push back to the transporter when they are the ones who provide the ordering platform and service to clients and made no attempt to consider how that platform could be used to better provide a safe delivery for all," he said.

"It is not unreasonable to expect better."

Mr Mahon encouraged drivers to take the following protective measures:

•Delivery to be conducted as though the person is not home - ie. The delivery is placed outside the door

•The driver is able to put on their face mask (face masks have been issued to all drivers as part of their first aid kit - and have spares on hand)

•Driver to also clean hands (either wash or using hand sanitiser) after attending the site.