MORE CHOICE: More than 36,000 fans flocked to the BTS,   but the TIC wants to provide an alternative.
MORE CHOICE: More than 36,000 fans flocked to the BTS, but the TIC wants to provide an alternative. James Graham

Brisbane rival set for 2021

THE peak body behind the proposed Brisbane Truck Show rival is on track to launch in 2021 and go head-to-head with Australia's long-established industry showcase.

Responding to what it says is the "specific needs” of its original equipment manufacturer members, the Truck Industry Council is planning the first Australian Truck Exhibition and Technology Symposium.

The deadline for expressions of interest to run the biennial show - Brisbane is also held every second year - closed at the end of May.

TIC chief executive Tony McMullan said he received an "overwhelming” response from exhibition and event organisers and service providers - 43 in all - and hoped to name the final appointment shortly.

"There's nothing wrong with competition but I want to stay away from comparisons with Brisbane,” Mr McMullan said.

"I understand the interest - the majority of trucking OEMs have supported the need to go ahead and call for an expressions of interest.”

Mr McMullan said there were two fundamental reasons behind the push for the new exhibition and symposium.

1. The OEMs want to find innovative ways to do business and provide a forum and mechanism by which to conduct better business at the shows.

2. They want to be able to market the core messages of its peak industry body - today's trucks are safer, greener and essential.

"TIC wants to promote the fact that modern technology involved in today's trucks is far better than ever before,” Mr McMullan said.

"We need to modernise the Australian truck fleet so we can get these technologies, both safety and environmental, on to Australian roads in greater numbers because this country has an old truck fleet and we need to be prioritising that as an issue.”

Brisbane Truck Show organisers the Heavy Vehicle Industry Association did not want to comment directly about the proposed new rival.

It instead directed us to statements made by its chief executive Todd Hacking around this year's event, which saw 36,921 fans enter the doors of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in four days.

"The halls were busy and most importantly the exhibitors were meeting with the people they needed to,” Mr Hacking said.

"I have had so many of our exhibitors telling me the level of business that was done on the stands.

"The countless deals sealed with a handshake during the show are testament of the mutual respect that the heavy vehicle industry and its clients have for each other.

"It's inspiring to see the enthusiasm with which trucking operators approach the innovative products and solutions that are showcased.”