Drivers share their thoughts on logbooks.
Drivers share their thoughts on logbooks. Kirstin Payne

Big Rigs readers share ideas for HVNL reform

THE NTC has an online message board for HVNL revamp ideas - visit to get involved - but when it comes to industry feedback from those who matter the most, Big Rigs is leading the way.

Your response to a recent Facebook post about a truckie's logbook misery was overwhelming.

Here are a just few of the comments that we hope the NTC policy team is now reading.

Alister Jones: Agreed I will push myself harder and push through my tiredness because in an hour I have to pull up for a break and then on the other side sometimes I'll run out of hours but I'm not tired and can't sleep so when I'm meant to start driving I'm fatigued because I've been awake and just got 2 hours sleep but because I've been laying around and the log book permits I can start driving on 2 hours sleep it's non sense there has to be a better way. My driving and body fatigues differently to others.

Matthew Moy: Since the general public want to put so much curfews on trucks and the government want to fine us to the point of doing something drastic, I honestly believe that every truck should be off the road between 11pm and 7 am. No more night deliveries, no more change overs, no more tippers on road works of a night, no more overnight express, no more early morning markets! Everybody stops and has a proper break and starts in the morning well rested. After all the logbook is shaded between midnight and 6 am as a long hour and the fines occurred within these hours are more. Everybody packs up and sleeps!

If people want stuff in the shops gets delivered the night before. Distribution deliveries to like Coles and Woolies last time slot 9pm so we can unload then go home or park up for the night.

Dimitri Papadopoulos: SELF MANAGED FATIGUE IS THE ONLY WAY. Your tired pull up mate have a snooze keep going again, 40 mins down your tired pull over again keep going, log books don't allow this to happen, because, if you stop for 2 hours here and there over a week you would of breached your block somewhere in that week, so drivers push themselves to drive at times they are dead exhausted just to make there books rite. This is what causes unnecessary deaths and fatigue related injuries. The driver only knows when he's getting tired not the book and a lot of times we find ourselves pushing to make the book line up for tomorrow, so on and so forth.