The hire truck firmly wedged under a rail bridge in Allwood St, Indooroopilly, on Saturday.
The hire truck firmly wedged under a rail bridge in Allwood St, Indooroopilly, on Saturday.

BANNED FOR LIFE: Do you think this call is fair?

DRIVE your oversize truck under a bridge that it won't fit under more than once and you should be "banned for life" from holding a licence, says a Queensland transport lobby group.

Rail Back on Track's Robert Dow spoke to Quest Newspapers and declared offenders should "automatically lose their licence for up to six months after a first offence" and if it happens a second time they should then be banned.

He first made the call after bridge strikes in Buranda and Dutton Park in Brisbane recently, but after another on Saturday at Indooroopilly he said it was time authorities got serious.

He cited a three-phase plan that included tougher penalties, more education campaigns from transport companies and more warning devices.

Trucking social media "star" Tony Fulton of Tones Truckin' Stories took on the issue in one of his most recent videos where he conducted an "experiment" to see what warnings would go off if he attempted to drive into the Burnley Tunnel in Melbourne.

Upon approach on the tunnel from the West Gate Freeway, he was alerted twice not to go through the tunnel and forced to take an over-height vehicle exit to avoid ploughing through the tunnel.

"There were plenty of warnings for me not to go through that tunnel," he told his followers.

"The first one said the 'over-height vehicle must exit', the second that the tunnel was closing and then two lanes of traffic shut to get me to take the exit."

He said the warnings were in place to make sure people who were unaware of their vehicle's height to get them thinking before they attempt to drive under a tunnel they won't fit.

"Simply, you're never gonna know any of these warnings or what to do until you're the one setting them off," he told Big Rigs.

"An educated driver has a higher chance of noticing and making the right decision when the inevitable panic sets in. Whether they're aware their height is an issue or not."